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Born Justin Donahue, Jung Youth is a Nashville-based hip hop artist who longs to create a space where listeners can explore the world without the binds of preconceived notions and stereotypes, and that’s no small task. Pushing against the grain is increasingly popular these days, but seldom do artists possess the motivation and endurance that Jung Youth has already extended, gaining him popularity in both local and underground publications, like The Daily Album, Nashville Scene, Rap Advocate and many others. In 2014, he shared the stage with Mobb Deep and Juicy J, and gained recognition as a Red Bull Sound Select artist.

Jung Youth is for the seekers, for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of what they know and would not prefer to live with an “ignorance is bliss” mentality. But the lyrics aren’t the only focus of these tracks. Jung Youth constantly takes in the music around him, jamming with his peers and searching for inspiration. As with most artists, his ultimate goal is to create something new and impactful.

With the release of Yada Yada, he and producer Central Parks have captured a sound that feels comfortable to many different audiences, yet always remains unfamiliar enough to captivate their attention and stir up their emotions. Each song is built to provide a cathartic escape from society’s norms, allowing the listener to relax and regain control of every day.

The music industry is transitioning into unknown territories and no one is better equipped for those changes than someone who thrives on change and creativity. Some artists are built for a buzz and some are built to change the world. With a foundation built on courage and authenticity, Jung Youth has officially arrived and he’s not leaving until he’s made that change.