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Jung Youth is Justin Donahue, a hip hop artist making big moves in Nashville, TN. Usually backed by his hard-hitting live band, Jung Youth fans know theyโ€™re gonna get it at every show: The kick-snare hits โ€˜em in the chest. The bass trips its way from Saturday skate sesh to Sin City groove. That guitar line is weaving left-and-right towards the hook. Everybody jumps, yeah. And when their feet leave the floor, Justinโ€™s rapid-fire rhymes meet their minds in the air. Jung Youth. A motor-mouthed celebration in syllables of how it feels to be alive, aware and in awe of the world today, tonight, right now, together.

Off stage, the work is always waiting to be done. Late nights in the studio, the hunt for that next collaboration that will break through creative limitations, stride after stride in a race with no finish lineโ€ฆ and itโ€™s all paying off. The past two years have seen Jung Youth inducted to Red Bullโ€™s Sound Select program and appearing on lineups with Mobb Deep, Juicy J, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah.

In September of 2015, the single โ€œUpโ€ (ft. CHERUB), will be the first in a series to drop from the upcoming Ambrosia LP, coming this Fall. 2016? Get ready for the Stay Chill LP, produced by Hype Machine phenom, Super Duper a.k.a. Josh Hawkins.